Tips to Having a Quirky Wedding

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Sometimes I worry that all weddings are starting to look the same on Instagram these days. Instead of repeating the same trends as everyone else what I love to see are couples that go outside the mold and do their own thing. There are small things you can do to have a little variation on your wedding day while keeping things fresh and fun. But why does it matter? Well, I think a wedding day should reflect the couple getting married. If you're just going through the motions, then what's the point? You should take advantage of how much the wedding industry has grown and really make your wedding your own by adding in your own little quirks and personality. I say skip the old traditions and make your own!



1. Location, Location, Location

There are so many unique venues around the world that it shouldn't be too hard to find the right venue for you. Heck if you don’t even want to use a formal venue it doesn’t hurt to reach out to a favorite restaurant, flower shop, coffee shop or wherever it may be and see if they are up for it. Another great resource for finding a quirky venue or location is hiring a wedding planner. A really good planner will have a wide knowledge of venues in your local area and most of the time will be more than happy to help you find the venue that fits your unique style. Lastly you can always ask your photographer. I love it when my clients come to me asking for venue help because it gets my mind itching to know what's out there that I might not already know about. After a little research Google will quickly become your BEST FRIEND.



2. Don't Be Afraid to Break the Mold

I think what keeps a lot of weddings feeling too similar is feeling that all traditions must be followed no matter what. While I’m all about traditions, I also encourage doing things that feel true to yourself. If you don’t want to wear a white dress, don’t! If you don’t want to wear a dress at all, don't! Be yourself in what you wear. This is your wedding day and we often express ourselves with our clothing so why not? Don't feel like you need to cut your cake if you don't want to. Wanna have everyone wear the same color to your wedding? I say do it! Want your dog to be your ring bear, see what I did there?, YES PLEASE!



3. Food Please!

Weddings are centered around food and drinks. Just think about it with cocktail hour, the dinner, cake cutting, food in particular plays a very important role. At weddings I see a lot of the same types of food, but instead this can be another opportunity to show your own unique quirkiness. A fresh menu, food trucks, waffles, mac and cheese or whatever it may be can add that extra little something to your wedding day. It may even bring out a better variety people!


These are just a few of many ways to keep your wedding interesting and quirky. I love that couples are feeling more open to step outside of the norms and do what they really want for their wedding day. Have any ideas of how you could add some fun elements to your wedding? Feel free to share them with everyone in the comments below.