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For couples who want to ditch the stress and have the best day ever

Your wedding isn't just a day of celebration, it's a day in which you are saying you finally found the person who deeply cares about you.

And everyone deserves to be deeply cared for. What if marriage wasn't about the kids, the house or the job? What if we realized it was just an opportunity for us to become our best selves and have a whole lotta fun while we're at it?!

Hi, I'm Kirsten

I’m mostly full of jokes, but before I get silly, you should know a bit about me and my story. So here it goes, I’ve noticed how not being taken care of to the degree that we all deserve turns into an immense amount of anxiety. I’ve been on my own journey of learning how to cope and move past my own anxiety over the last few years. Through that journey I’ve become fueled to help my clients get rid of their wedding day anxiety at the very least. I’m here to take care of you and help you have a stress free and fun wedding day and throughout the entire planning process.

Growing up I often felt like I wasn’t valued, supported or empowered in my life and that eventually turned to an immense amount of anxiety for me. It led me to fall into a mindset of thinking I wasn’t good enough. Just when I was feeling lost, someone walked into my life and changed everything for me…

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Ready To Plan Your Wedding in the Bay?

I didn't spend the past few years driving to weddings all over the Bay Area for nothin'. I've put together a free guide with all you need to know to start planning your dream wedding. The guide will be releasing later this year.

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Words From The People

Because real humans said these nice things about me

Marnie + Jeff

When working with Kirsten, anxieties immediately melt away. Kirsten is truly gifted in making people feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. Her flexibility, vision, and calming personality are just a few qualities that make working with her so enjoyable and genuine. Kirsten did both our engagement and wedding…

Frances + Luke

The moment I saw the pictures she took of a sweet family on the beach, I knew I wanted her to be our wedding photographer. Kirsten has the eye for the little candid moments that could be easily missed. Her laid-back and calm demeanor makes her delightful to work with. She felt like a friend taking pictures more than a…

Ruthanne + Demetri

I’m a photographer as well, but seem to clam up in front of the camera, always. Hiring Kirsten was the best thing we did on our wedding day, short of marrying each other. I sifted through no less than 90 websites looking for “the one” but when I found Kirsten - that was it. She was perfect for us. From start to finish…
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3 Common Wedding Day Dilemmas

  • We can’t seem to make everyone happy

  • We’re awkward in front of the camera

  • We don’t know how to organize a wedding day

I’ve got the answers to all of your questions.

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