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Hi, I'm Kirsten

Weddings are stressful. I've been there before with my own wedding. Family, friends, and all of the planning, it can cause a lot of stress. Now throw a camera in your face and I wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little awkward. As a wedding photographer I work hard to put my clients at ease because let’s be real no one photographs well under pressure. I invest time with my clients and strive to develop a good relationship all while cracking a joke or two to lighten the mood. If all else fails I'll just show you pictures of my dogs because who doesn't want to see that.

I photograph weddings because I believe relationships of any kind matter. The relationships between you and your future spouse, your friends, your family, your pet, or whoever it may be. Upon first chatting with my couples my goal is to instantly put you at ease with my knowledge of the industry, really bad jokes, listening to your concerns and of course dog pics. Through my photography I give couples a new perspective on their relationship and their confidence by making them feel comfortable in front of the camera to produce an inviting environment that feels natural. With my quirky personality I help break the ice to bring out the real and authentic you for everyone to see. So grab your dogs, cats, or whatever and let’s chat!

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Kirsten was highly recommended to me by a wedding florist who went to our church. The moment I saw the pictures she took of a sweet family on the beach, I knew I wanted her to be our wedding photographer. Kirsten has the eye for the little candid moments that could be easily missed. Her laid-back and calm demeanor…


Getting your picture taken, for several hours, is among the more awkward occasions in life at least for me, anyway. When working with Kirsten, anxieties immediately melt away as soon as we start shooting. Kirsten is truly gifted in making people feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. Her flexibility, vision, and…


When I started my search for an elopement photographer, it was really important to me that they have a classic editing style, timeless imagery, and a great personality. I sifted through no less than 90 websites looking for “the one” but when I found Kirsten - that was it. She was perfect for us. From start to finish…

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