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For couples who want to ditch the stress and have the best day ever

Your wedding isn't just a day of celebration, it's a day in which you are saying you finally found your person, and I’m here for it.

What if marriage wasn’t just about the happily ever after, what if we realized it was an opportunity for the happily ever RIGHT NOW? I’m stoked to be an advocate for the day YOU want, wherever you want it. In your backyard? The city? The beach? Or even the woods? It's your wedding, it doesn’t matter where it happens, as long as you’re excited on the day we’ve created.

Hi, I'm Kirsten

Remember when you were a kid, running around barefoot in your backyard, through the streets, sand in your hair and not a care in the world? Yeah, me too. The older we get the more life weighs on us, but if there is one goal I have for your wedding experience, it’s that you enjoy the process & ditch the anxiety that often accompanies wedding planning. We’re going to work together to minimize that stress and help you have the best day ever. Take a deep breath with me real quick - here we go!

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When working with Kirsten, anxieties immediately melt away. Kirsten is truly gifted in making people feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. Her flexibility, vision, and calming personality are just a few qualities that make working with her so enjoyable and genuine.

Marnie and Jeff

3 Common Wedding Day Dilemmas

  • We can’t seem to make everyone happy

  • We’re awkward in front of the camera

  • We don’t know how to organize a wedding day

I’ve got the answers to all of your questions.

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Words From The People

Because real humans said these nice things about me

Divya + David

One of the best decisions we made throughout the whole process of wedding planning was choosing Kirsten to be our photographer. In a world where the wedding industry can sometimes feel disingenuous and impersonal, Kirsten made the process feel like we were meeting a close friend and having laughs and a good time…

Kayla + Tosin

When I was planning my wedding, I wasn't picky about much as far as where/when/how BUT I did know I was going to be picky about the PHOTOS. They would live on through the history of my future family, be something I would share with my kids; as an artist myself, it mattered to me that the love and beauty I share with my…

Tessa + Tripp

Kirsten has a way of capturing the little things. They way you look at a significant other. The feelings you felt the moment the photo was taken. That certain slant of light that catches your eye. She captures THE moment. She has a way of identifying and conveying your personality through the lens. She helps you relax…
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