Three things I do to make your wedding day less stressful

  1. Use my quirks and sarcasm to put you at ease and take your mind off the stress.
  2. Help you have a clear timeline for your day and give you realistic expectations of how much time things will actually take on your special day.
  3. Be there for all your needs, even the ones not related to photography. Need deodorant? I’m there. Whatever it is I got you.

There is no denying that weddings are stressful events. With a lot of practice and patience photographing weddings over the years I have mastered the art of putting people at ease on their special day. Just as I have learned to accept my own quirks I have turned these personality traits into an advantage that allow me to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed. In my work I strive to photograph couples that are thoughtful, quirky, and spirited, all while creating a wedding experience that is stress free and fun. By doing this I am able to capture my clients at their very best. When you take away the pressures of the world you are able to truly feel joy and trust me it shows in the photos. In my life I value relationships and with my clients I try to make each and every one feel like a friend rather than a business transaction. Through developing these relationships I’m able to break down the awkwardness, relieve stress and create an ideal environment for photography. I want you to know that I will be there for more than just your wedding photography needs. I truly care about my clients. Forgot your deodorant? Don’t worry you can borrow mine. Need someone to bustle your dress? I got it! Just need someone to crack some jokes with? Oh you know I got that. Trust me and everything will turn out great.

For me weddings are all about allowing couples to be their authentic selves. I know that word gets thrown out a lot, but I want my couples to feel free to be a little weird and not care. My approach is definitely more energetic than romantic. I LOVE a good party and often times that’s my favorite part of weddings. I love bringing out that joy and the thoughtful moments of your day. My couples are real people, that aren't regularly photographed. I've worked hard to find ways to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and that is exactly what I will do for you by providing the right environment. Creating a carefree wedding can be a difficult task but by being my weird and caring self seems to do the job for me! Does that sound like something you want on your wedding day? If so contact me!

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Words From The People

Because real humans said these nice things about me

Christina + Matt

After our wedding we've had countless comments from guests about how much they loved our photographer, Kirsten, both because the photos were gorgeous and because she was so much fun and put everyone at ease. From the first communication to the delivery of the wedding photos, Kirsten was easy to work with and responsive…

Rachel + Shawn

When I first saw Kirsten’s photos, I knew there was no one else who would do as perfect of a job at our wedding photos. I HAD to book her. I’m incredibly glad I did for many reasons. I don’t often write reviews, but Kirsten deserves a good word. We started with an engagement session at Donner Lake. It was November in…

Danielle + Kody

We’ve had the good luck of being friends with Kirsten for a number of years, and I’ve gotten to watch her work get better and better and when the time for Kody and I to get married, we knew we had to go with Kirsten. She came and met up with us for our engagement session and endured my many, many texts. On the day of…


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