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So you’re getting married, you’re freaking excited but probably also overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you need to make. And if you’re not, more power to you, but if you are it's aight, I got you.

People pleasers, where you at? I hear it over and over again that people are worried about keeping everyone happy at their wedding, and honestly this isn’t something to worry about.

You need to remember that your wedding day is about celebrating your love, and that is what is going to make people happy. People are there to be with you, and the rest of it is just part of the fun. Stop worrying about what makes others happy and just make sure that your wedding is a reflection of you and your partner and the rest will fall into place.

In life there will always be people that aren’t happy, and as a people pleaser myself I know how hard it is to not worry about making other people happy. But the truth is, it's their choice to not be happy. If they truly care they will just be happy to be a part and duh the free food shouldn’t hurt either. So relax, take a deep breath, and focus. I know this is easier said than done, but together we got this.

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So you feel awkward in front of the camera, guess what!? You're not alone. I got you.

Here’s the thing, to be comfortable in front of the camera you’ve got to be comfortable with your photographer. When you work with me we are going to get to know each other, we are going to break down the walls and I’m going to tell you really bad jokes.

People often ask me how I get people to relax in front of the camera and to be honest it's different every time. I’ve always been a quiet person by nature and it's lead me to observe people and learn to read their body language. Because of this how I tackle each session is different, it's catered to you and your day and not just to a card I’m reading off of. I photograph people intuitively. My approach is different because I’m reading you and figuring out what I can do to put you at ease, to make sure I’m getting your best angle and to bring out your most authentic self in your photos. It’s honestly that simple. Our time together just feels like we are hanging out and that’s what I want your session and wedding day to feel like. I am your hype girl and will make you feel like your best self, trust me on that.

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Lost planning your wedding? Don't know how to make a timeline? I'm here to help.

I’m sure a lot of us have been guests at weddings, but it's more overwhelming when it's the start of planning your very own wedding. Good news is, I know the ins and outs of a wedding day like the back of my hand. It’s really great to have a wedding planner or a day of coordinator, but it still helps to have someone help you set up your day to run smoothly that knows how much time things really take.

While I could ramble on and on about timelines because I love lists of any sort I won't do that here. A wedding day typically starts with the time for getting ready, goes through the ceremony and on to the reception. Most wedding photography timelines range between 8 - 12 hours, but that doesn't even cover your whole day. I know how much time is needed for each and every section of your day, and if I don't we will figure it out together. Once we connect I'll help you put together a custom timeline to fit your individual wedding day needs.

I'm not just a wedding photographer. I'm your friend, your confidant, your hype girl, I am whatever you need.

I'll Be there for all your needs, even the ones not related to photography. Why? Because I love doing it, I love doing it all. Relationships are about trust and being there when someone is in need. Need deodorant? I’m there. Whatever it is I got you. My goal when photographing your wedding and throughout the entire process is to build a relationship with you that allows you to trust me. I've always loved helping people, and by helping you it allows me to feel my very best and in return I can pour into our relationship to make you feel your very best on your wedding day, because dangit you deserve it.

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Marnie + Jeff

When working with Kirsten, anxieties immediately melt away. Kirsten is truly gifted in making people feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. Her flexibility, vision, and calming personality are just a few qualities that make working with her so enjoyable and genuine. Kirsten did both our engagement and wedding…

Ruthanne + Demetri

I’m a photographer as well, but seem to clam up in front of the camera, always. Hiring Kirsten was the best thing we did on our wedding day, short of marrying each other. I sifted through no less than 90 websites looking for “the one” but when I found Kirsten - that was it. She was perfect for us. From start to finish…

Frances + Luke

The moment I saw the pictures she took of a sweet family on the beach, I knew I wanted her to be our wedding photographer. Kirsten has the eye for the little candid moments that could be easily missed. Her laid-back and calm demeanor makes her delightful to work with. She felt like a friend taking pictures more than a…
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