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A bit about me, my life and of course my dogs


family-photo I'm currently living in Oakland, California with my husband and two goldendoodles. Anyone that knows me knows my dogs Birch and Lemon. They are my adventure buddies and my companions while hiking and location scouting. Northern California constantly amazes me with its many different landscapes. I grew up in the deserts of Las Vegas, so I find myself in constant awe of the wide variety of landscapes we have in the Bay Area. I try to spend as much time as I can outside, rain or shine (and sometimes fog), wandering out in the busy streets, the quiet woods, or the diverse coast lines walking the dogs. I enjoy this beautiful place I call home.

If I’m not out exploring, you can often find me doing yoga in a tiny corner of my home, and practice in an amazing local studio when I can. At home while doing yoga I get to have my pups join me and they make me love practicing even more. Another little-known hobby of mine is pottery! I often dream of having my own wheel and kiln one day so I can just lose track of time creating fun things for the people I love. As you can probably tell from my interests, I’m definitely an introvert. But I do enjoy spending time with my people and I really love my job as a photographer.


My process: Life can sometimes inherit a hustle mentality where working equals success; but I’ve found joy in the slow moments. Really taking a moment to slow down balances me, which helps me serve my clients better, build my relationships stronger, and makes my community better. It’s why I like to focus on the little moments during sessions and the candid images between the posed. Slowing life down, even for a couple of hours to shoot, changes the very feeling of the images and it’s refreshing for me and my clients. I’m so lucky to have a job that combines so many things that I’m passionate about. I’m grateful I have the skills to be able to provide more of an experience than just beautiful photographs.


“How did you get into photography?”: A few years back, my late grandfather pulled me aside, said “I think you may have an eye for photography,” and gifted me my first camera as a graduation present. Little did I know that would be the first step in my career as a photographer. It truly changed my life forever. He is what makes this passion even more special. He was one of my favorite people on earth and the fact that he got me started on this path makes me cherish my craft even more. I know he would be proud of the business I have built and the community I have created, and I think of him and his legacy often as I am working.

After moving to the Bay area (and not knowing anyone or really anything about it), I craved connection and community. Photography allowed me to build connections with people by documenting them for several milestones throughout many years. I realized that while watching other people’s lives grow and change with time, that I was deeply impacted and changed as well in all the best ways. This realization is what’s drawn me closer to this love of documenting people throughout their lives. I always hope to see my clients again, and some have even become family to me. I’ve seen their milestones, I know their histories, I’ve been a part of big life changes, and have witnessed families grow. This has provided me with a unique and beautiful perspective that finds itself in every image I take. It’s an immense privilege and honor to create and experience that makes memories tangible.

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