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A bit about me, my anxieties and of course my dogs

family-photo A number of years ago, my husband and I moved to the Bay Area without really knowing anyone or anything about the area. On our move over we passed by my grandfather’s home in Nevada. During our dinner with him, he pulled me aside and told me, “I think you have an eye for photography,” and set me up with my first camera as a little graduation gift. Little did I know that would be the first step in my career as a photographer.

After moving to the Bay area, I felt as though what I’ve craved most was connection and community; photography has become a source of this for me. I’ve grown to build connections with people that have become my “family” through documenting them over time. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized more and more how much my family and the people I surround myself matter most, and that is what’s drawn me to document people throughout their lives rather than just for one small period in time. My long term clients aren’t just clients to me, they’re family. Watching their love and their families grow is an immense honor, and using my experience and unique perspective to make their memories tangible brings me so much joy.

My late grandfather was one of my favorite people on earth, and the fact that he got me started in the field makes me cherish my craft even more. I know he would be proud of the business I have built and the community I have created, and I think of him and his legacy often as I am working.

I'm currently living in Oakland, California with my husband and two goldendoodles. I grew up in the Las Vegas area, so growing up in the desert has made me be completely in awe of all of the different landscapes that Northern California has. I try to spend as much time as I can outside, rain or shine (and sometimes fog) you’ll find me out in the streets, in the woods, or on the coast walking my dogs trying to take advantage of the beautiful place I’m lucky enough to call my home.


Aside from hiking I love throwing on the wheel, for some I know it's stressful, but I love pottery. I dream of having my own wheel and kiln one day so I can spend my spare time throwing bowls and cups for all my friends and family. I’ve also recently started practicing yoga and spend my spare time using a small corner of my house practicing daily. Some days the dogs join me even and they make for some interesting yoga props. I spend most of my evenings binging bad tv on Netflix while editing, and have recently started watching Scandinavian crime dramas. I enjoy spending time with my people, I’m an introvert most the time, but I love to surround myself with like minded people. The true test of friendship for me is being able to sit in silence together and just enjoy each other's company and being able to enjoy each other’s presence.

I think as a generation we've got that 'go, go, go' attitude where we always have to be busy and drowning in work, but I’ve recently been trying to make a huge effort to enjoy the slow moments too. It's hard for me to slow down in my own life and just take some time off, but I’ve realized the more I balance my life the better I’m able to serve my clients. I hope to build a community around my work and with my clients by slowing down and getting to know each other and looking at my job as building relationships rather than just booking clients to pay the bills. I’m so lucky to have a job that I love that ties in so many other elements of my life that I love.

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