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A bit about me, my anxieties and of course my dogs

Everything changed for me when I met my dog Birch, just kidding, sort of but more on my dogs later. In all seriousness my life changed when I met my husband Ryan, who supported me from the very start. In him I had found what I had been missing the whole time. Someone that didn’t squash my dreams, but supported them, heck he even pushed me towards them. We went through college together and then made a big move to California where my journey into photography started. It wasn’t without the push from another great man that I got my start in photography. My grandfather had been studying photography as a hobby and at a time in my life where I didn’t know where I was going next he told me that he thought I had an eye for photography and should give it a try. My spark for art that I always had came back and I decided to make the jump into photography. It’s honestly crazy what support from those we love can do for a person. But I’m a human and I still experience my ups and downs.


At times in my life I’ve struggled with anxiety and dealing with the pressures of the world. I have felt the familiar feeling of not being good enough or not living up to someone else’s expectations. Now I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, this is sad why am I reading about this from my photographer, well don’t worry it gets better. These feelings like many things in life contain a silver lining.

Having experienced this has allowed me to better relate to my clients and believe it or not better run my business. I know what it's like to think to myself, 😱 how is this really my job?! Or the never ending comparison game that Instagram has put into our lives. These are the feelings that I never want anyone, especially my clients and friends, to have to endure. As a photographer I have taken on the extra responsibility to put my clients at ease and make them know they are good enough, because they are, and we all are! So I can’t promise you everything, but I can promise you I will do my very best to leave you feeling like a million bucks at the end of every session. My hope is that by working with me I’m able to help rid you of some of the stresses of the world so you can feel some pure joy and freedom.

Relationships and people are what really drive me. As a person I’m very committed to the important individuals in my life. I’m loyal almost to a fault, but it keeps me committed and working hard for both my friends and my clients. I also don’t take life too seriously. Most of my time is spent joking and exchanging sly remarks with friends. I love to observe the people I work with, in a non-creepy way, and occasionally that means a sarcastic remark, but most of the time it means taking photos that are authentic. If nothing else I just want to spread a little good in the world, share lots of dog pics, and eat a lot of mac and cheese. If you wanna know more about my best boy Birch, keep reading below the cute family pic.

I'm currently living in Oakland, California (right next to San Francisco for those of you that haven't heard of it). When we first moved here I had a tough time meeting new people in the Bay Area, but after a few years we brought home my best friend a 90 pound golden doodle named Birch. Having Birch has broadened the amount of people I meet and the places I go, and honestly he’s the best friend I could ask for. He’s helped me to get out of the house and to see the beautiful area that I live in. I think it's common for people that have anxiety or depression to need some sort of motivator to get outside or just get going with your day and Birch has been that for me.


Northern California has my dream weather, so you'll often find me out on the trails either in the woods or on the coast. I love a good urban hike and basically anywhere I can take my dogs. My dog Birch is my faithful companion most days and on weekends my husband Ryan joins us on our adventures. We recently added a second dog to our family, Lemon, who just like Birch will hopefully learn to love sitting in front of the camera. As I mentioned before spending time with those you love is what matters most to me and hopefully that shows. So whether that's sitting on the sofa chatting, going to Target (#basic), or enjoying some time outside I just love to be with my people (and dogs).

I have always believed that it's okay to be boring sometimes. Some days are slow and some aren't. I think as a generation we've got that 'go, go, go' attitude where we always have to be busy and drowning in work, but I make an effort to enjoy the slow moments too. This has contributed to my love of capturing moments with photography no matter how big or small.

So if you're a little bit weird, like to explore, and you love dogs then we will probably be great friends. If you're looking for a wedding photographer that focuses on the people, loves experimenting with light, and likes to get goofy then I'm ya girl.

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