Let's embrace the chaos

Taking family photos is a lot like playing pin the tail on the donkey. Lucky for you I was always really good at that game.

Let's embrace the chaos together. I didn’t grow up in a quiet home where we were perfectly matching all the time and my guess is most of you didn’t either. My home growing up was loud and full of energy. I don’t have kids of my own now, but the chaos has followed me as I find myself living in the middle of a city in a small 1 bedroom apartment with two large dogs. So I’m forever a part of the chaos. I know that kids will be kids (or even dogs, cats, whatever it is that makes up your family) and honestly that's what I love about family photography. That chaos that is family is what I love to capture.

To all the parents saying “My kids are crazy, will you be able to photograph us?" The answer is YES!

YES. I LOVE the chaos. I think its honestly more fun that way. Let your kids be your kids. Far too often I see parents trying to control their kids, to coerce them and honestly I'd rather they just run around, jump in the sad or the ocean and just truly capture them. This is who they are and how you will remember them and I want you to have a photograph that truly represents you and your family. Your family is normal, kids are energetic and I'm okay with that.

I know it's hard to not get frustrated, we all have expectations of how family photos “should go” but I’m here to change that. Drop the expectations and get ready for something even better. Get ready for your family to be captured as you really are. I love it and I know that’s what you truly love and want to remember.

Ready to Embrace the Chaos Together?

I'm stressed about our session? HALP. Take some deep breaths and keep on reading

Don't be stressed, there's nothing to prepare. This is going to be fun, I PROMISE. Honestly, just show up and be you. Remember that this session might not go like other ones. I don’t want you to be looking at me the whole time. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your outfit. Don't wear anything that doesn't feel like you. Pick a spot that your kids are comfortable in and be okay with getting a little bit dirty. Let go of your expectations of how those studio portraits go and just enjoy your time with your family. If you want help with outfits or locations honestly I'm happy to help you out as much or as little as you want.

To prepare the best thing you can do is let go. Be ready to let your kids go wild, lots of laughing will happen. Maybe some tears, and probably a good workout from chasing your kids around during our session.

I can't get my kids to sit still for more than 20 seconds, how will we ever make it through an hour session? Don't worry I got you.

While I don't have kids of my own, I've worked with kids enough that I know what I'm doing. I also know that some kids take more than a few minutes to warm up. You never know what portion of an hour your kid is going to be good for. It could be for the last 40 minutes of the session, heck it could even be the last 10. But with my sessions it's not about your kids listening, it's about them being themselves so it really doesn't matter. I use the hour to let your kids get their energy out and just essentially be their goofy selves.

We will do lots of running around, telling terrible jokes, jumping up and down and snuggling. Your kids don't have to be perfect, they don't have to sit still, they just have to have time to open up and be themselves. So don't worry, the hour will go by before you even know it and in the end you'll have a bunch of tired kids that are ready for bed at the end of our session!

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Kirsten is amazing! She takes all of the stress out of family pictures. We spent the entire shoot just playing together rather than standing stiffly, begging my kids to please just smile and cooperate. She makes everyone feel so comfortable and natural and the result was gorgeous candid photos where she captured our…


Kirsten is talented, and was wonderful to work with. She was able to capture natural moments with my family in such a beautiful way. The pictures turned out so well, and we love the way she composed the shots and caught the best light. She was able to give gentle guidance on what colors to wear, which was helpful, but…


Kirsten has been absolutely incredible. We can't recommend her enough! She has photographed our family for several years now and each time we're thrilled with the results. Family pictures can feel a lot like "herding cats" when you're trying to get four small children to cooperate. The beauty of Kirsten's work is that…
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