Malyssa and Derek Wedding

I love San Francisco City hall and honestly I don't think there's a person in the area that doesn't love it too. Every time I walk in the building I am amazed by the tall ceilings and all the intricate details that are involved. On the day of Malyssa & Derek's wedding I arrived and felt all the feelings that I always feel there, I was excited for the day and the day did not disappoint. The two had an intimate ceremony with family before we headed off to Treasure Island where they had a reception with family and friends at the Woods Island Club. These two have the best taste from Derek's amazing suit, to Malyssa's gorgeous dress and every little perfect detail from there it was a beautiful and amazing day. I loved getting to celebrate with these two. Malyssa is actually my hairdresser, so just a heads up you will see some of the prettiest bridal hair in this gallery, but like what else would you expect from a hairdresser.

Twenty Mile House Wedding