How To Get the Best Photos With Your Dog

February 25, 2019


As a dog mom of two, my pups quickly became a part of the family just moments after stepping into our home. I realized there’s a bond that you can create with dogs that’s really unlike anything else. I love the unpredictability and joy that dogs can bring into life and into photos. I get so many couples that want their dog in their photos, but not every dog may be as ready as you are. There are many ways you can include your dog in your session and I’m here to help you out with five different tips.


1. Shoot In Your Home Or Neighborhood

If your dog doesn’t do well on and off leash or out in crowds it might be better to shoot in your home. Most dogs are comfortable in their own home, so it will make it easier for everyone and allow you to play with your pup in a safe space. You can do a nice little snuggle in the house and a quick jaunt around the neighborhood and it will make for the sweetest and most memorable photos.


2. Bring A Friend To Hold Onto Your Dog

If your dog does okay outside, but is still a bit of handful an extra set of hands can come in handy. If your pup has a friend they are rather keen on bring them along and they can take your pup when it's their turn to step out of the shot. Or if you have multiple dogs I will literally need the extra hand to hold on to your pup and keep them safe while they wait for their turn!


3. Bring Them Along For Part Of The Session

If you know your dog won’t last real long we can shoot close to home and you can drop the pup off on our way to the next spot. We can grab a few with your dog, so that you have those photos and then enjoy the rest of your session while they are tucked in at home resting for your return.


4. Treats, Training And Toys

I think the most important part of all of this is knowing your dog. What motivates your dog? What will your dog enjoy and feel most comfortable with? I’ve spent a lot of time training my own dogs so I like to use my knowledge to my advantage to make sure we get some fun photos with your dog. If you’ve spent time training your dog the basics, like sit, stay, and to walk on a leash this will make the process much easier. That way no one will need to stress out about handling your dog and we can just enjoy the time getting great photos with your furry friend tagging along.


5. Pick A Location You Know Your Dog Will Enjoy

If your dog is well trained and enjoys time off leash we can take advantage of that and pick a fun spot where your dog can roam free! My favorite sessions with dogs are when we are on the beach or in the hills and the dog can meander in and out of the photos as they please. It allows your dog to relax and get tired and in the end makes for better photos. Of course this isn’t an option for all dogs, so that’s why it’s important to know where you and your dog like to spend time together.

Hopefully these tips can help you bring your pup along for photos and allow you to capture some fun memories. Be ready for lots of puppy kisses and squeezes if you bring your pup along on a session with me!