Location Scouting with Birch & Lemon

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So if you know anything about me at all, then you know I'm obsessed with my dogs. I've been wanting to start this series for a while because I love spending time location scouting with my pups, I figured why not share it?! There are so many iconic spots in the Bay Area, but I love introducing my clients to new locations that they might not know or think about for their photos. While I'd love to have a model on hand at all times to show people my new favorite locations, I don't, but I do always have a puppy or two by my side. Enter my idea of: Location Scouting with Birch & Lemon. So here's my attempt to share our adventures and some favorite spots, that might just be the spot for your very next session. I won't be sharing exact locations as I don't want spots to become overrun and trampled by tourists, but I'm happy to share with clients and friends, just reach out!

Here's a peek at the kind of adventures we will be going on!






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